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Eric Marsh

Grant & Scholarship Director


I met Haley through my wife, Heather. I unfortunately only had the opportunity to know Haley for a few years.


Haley was dealt a hand that no one expects and everyone fears. I never saw her complain or say "why me" or give up. She battled cancer while maintaining her uniquely snarky personality that put a smile on so many people's faces. She didn't demand sympathy and she did not want to be treated any differently than if she did not have cancer. At the brink of adulthood she showed an understanding and appreciation of life that many adults would be jealous of.


Everyone gets inspired periodically by stories of people that respond heroically to seemingly insurmountable challenges. I feel that I witnessed one of those stories firsthand. I believe the best way to respect Haley's fight is to provide others with the tools to heroically battle this awful disease. This organization is committed to just that...and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

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