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who we are...


Heather Marsh



I am technically Misty's cousin and Haley's second cousin, but I always say that Haley is my cousin.


I am lucky enough to be approximately 10 years apart from Haley and also from Misty. This was a true blessing because it allowed me to establish strong relationships with them both and allowed me to share different memories with each of them. Haley and I shared so many hobbies, interests, and taste in clothing/music/style/etc. Our similarities were so apparent that we actually called each other "our twin." We always seemed to understand each other in a unique way and I cherish this, always.


I am apart of this foundation because I want to be able to utilize Haley's memory and life as a platform for change and helping others.  I want to be able to make a difference,in her name, and allow her to continue to be such a huge part of my life. She will always be with me and I want others to feel the huge impact of her on their lives too. 

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