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Help in the fight against Pediatric Cancer

A coin drive campaign created for children to raise funds, support and help make a difference in their community.  This enables CHILDREN to help other CHILDREN while providing invaluable experiences and lessons in fundraising, giving back and community outreach.  Every penny counts!  We are asking kids to participate by saving their change to donate to Heroes Like Haley.  

Q: How do I Sign Up?

A: Have your mom or dad help you submit your information on the form to the right, then start collecting your coins.  Your mom or dad will receive a confirmation email.


Q: How do I find change?

A: Coins are everywhere.  Make it a fun adventure with your friends and go on a scavenger hunt looking for change. Your piggy bank, pants pockets, the couch, ask your parents and grandparents to save their change for you. Coins are everywhere!


Q: What do I do with my change at the end of the month?

A: On June 4th, bring all your change to Harris Bank, 122 W Main Street or Dolce Day Spa, 875 Feinberg Ct. in Cary. Don't worry - we will count it for you!  Winners will be notified the following week via email.


Q: Will I win a prize?

A: YES!  The top 3 fundraisers will win an AWESOME Prize!!  But not to worry….. All kids that participate will get a Heroes Like Haley bag filled with goodies! 

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