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We all have seen how cancer impacts the physical and emotional health of those afflicted.  It takes an incredible amount of energy and courage to battle this terrible disease, which leaves the patient and their loved ones drained and unable to perform day to day activities like working, grocery shopping, etc.  Unfortunately, the burden does not end there.  Cancer treatment and diagnostic technology is continually improving, but with this improvement comes rising costs.  Cancer costs are expected to rise over 25% between 2010 and 2020 and every cancer patient and their families will feel the affect.       


Our overall goal is to lessen the financial strain on individuals who are embarking on the courageous battle against this terrible disease.  Haley’s strength never wavered in her fight and we hope to equip others with the financial means to focus solely on the task of kicking cancer’s butt!


Heroes Like Haley will create unique events and strategies that will raise money for in-need teenage brain cancer patients, survivors and families.  We provide direct financial support to families in need.  Scholarships in Haley’s name were created that will exemplify her unique interests, strength and determination.  Haley was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly before she had the ability to begin college.   These scholarships give us the opportunity to support a young students in Haley’s name as they strive to reach their career goals.  


As our organization evolves, please visit this site for links to past and future events.  We will also continually provide updates on how your generous donations have impacted the lives of those in need.    


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