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Lauren Bruski

Board Member


I met Haley and Misty through a local go kart track that Haley and I raced at when we were younger. We were on facebook together but didn’t really get to know each other when we were younger. I remember some exciting and fun races we had together including one that the girls beat all the boys. When I was too old to race with the rest of the kids, I didn’t keep in touch with many people besides facebook.


Cancer has made a huge impact on my family, so I have seen some effects it leaves during and after. Cancer is a burden no one should deal with and when I saw Misty’s post on Haley’s facebook saying she had been diagnosed with cancer I couldn’t just sit by, I knew I had to try to help in some way. We got to know each other better at the events for her, and I am so happy I did because she is such an amazing strong person!


I am honored to be a part of this foundation and helping to make a difference in Haley’s name.

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