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Haley Marie...

Haley was a 2013 graduate of Cary Grove High School.


Monday July 8, 2013 it was discovered that Haley had a massive brain tumor (the size of an orange). On July 10th she had a craniotomy to remove the tumor. Haley 'celebrated' her 18th Birthday in the hospital on the 12th. 


She was diagnosed with an aggressive, rare form of brain cancer - Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Grade 3 - on July 19th. Of the 4,300 brain tumors in kids each year (only 1,250 in kids age 16-19), only 2% are diagnosed as this type of cancer.


Haley had such a beautiful old soul – with a love of life that one could only dream of.  She lived life to the fullest always with a smile on her face. She made everyone around her feel welcome and comfortable and wanted nothing else but to spread goodness throughout the world. She felt everybody deserved a chance and she was the one willing to lend a hand and give them one.


She faced everything she went through with the strength and courage of 1,000 men. She truly was amazing just ask anybody that met her.

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