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Misty Lichter, CMP



I have the honor of being Haley's mommy (yes, even as a 19 year old she still called me mommy). The greatest blessing of my life is to not only call her my daughter but also my best friend. Her strength and courage amaze and inspire me every day. She is my rock, my world. Who would of thought her life would have such an impact on so many people. 


I can’t imagine being 18 and being ok with having cancer and going through all that she did, being on the path that she was, and stating “if my situation brings awareness to childhood cancer and helps someone along the way then it was worth it”. Those words resonate in my head every day.  


The pain and sorrow of losing your only child is unbearable.  I promised Haley that I would always be the voice that speaks for her.  I will remain positive like Haley always was and I will carry on her legacy. I will spread awareness to childhood cancer and never let anyone forget her – her wonderful personality, her shining spirit, her sense of humor, her compassion. She taught so many people about love, life, strength and sheer courage. 


I hope I can bring a little of that strength and courage, not only to children fighting this horrible disease but also to the parents who stand by their child and fight alongside them. 

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