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Richard Johansen



I first met Haley when she 2 years old. She was about the same age as my oldest 2 nieces. I did not see my nieces much because lived out of state so after a while I started considering Haley as one of my nieces. Years later, I rode with her 3 times on the MS 150 bike ride. While I struggled to keep up - her strength and determination were inspiring. Ten years after, I still think of advice she gave me during one of the rides.


She didn't treat me like I was her mom's friend, she talked to me like I was just another one of her friends and it didn't matter that I'm 20 years older. She even gave me relationship advice.


When she was diagnosed I was crushed and felt completely helpless. I wanted to help but didn't know how. I asked myself what would I do if Haley actually was my niece - I would do anything I could for her. So it was my intention to do anything possible to give Misty and Haley one less thing to worry about.


I want to continue that promise by helping other families, to be there when they need support, show them they are not alone, make a positive impact on their lives, and do it all in the memory of the little girl that inspired me - Haley Marie.

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